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I was born in 1967 in Dudelange, a town located in the south of the G.D. of Luxembourg. In 1991 I passed a master degree in Fine Arts  at the University of Strasbourg through a photographic subject mixing painting and drawing on large self-made prints. In 1994, I degreed as a high school teacher in Luxembourg, a job I still love! At the present time, I am teaching character design, arts and photography at the Lycée de Garçons in Esch/Alzette and at the Lycée  des Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg city.

About my work

Since the age of 14  I practice photography and my favourite subject, besides the study of color and light, is catching people. Indeed, I like to use my camera in my own way to obtain sharp or unsharp results, "realistic"  or lens flare pictures as well as abstract, blurred, foggy, poetic, evocative images... 

Through the "light and colours" series I try to show people and things either in an unexpected moment or  an unknown way. In a matter to reveal even some kind of soul...that is my ultimate goal. Another important aspect is the attempt to show inner thoughts, feelings, character expressions, temper moods or social features through my portraits. In a way, it is about daily life moments of the human condition in my direct environment... For attempting to achieve this, street photography becomes more and more important in my work. 

And furthermore the interaction between human activities and all kind of machines remains another fascinating challenge. For instance, taking pictures on an aircraft carrier would be the fulfillment of a dream... Through each serie, I try first to work out the best  fitting concept and adapt my camera work to that topic.  By doing this, I aim to mix my conceptual fine art background with technical and creative topics. 

Finally, I hope that my pictures convey all this and achieve to touch the viewer, which means you! Feel free to comment!

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